Why should you use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps?

I’m Jonathan Beliën, web developer specialized in Geographical Information System (fancy words to say I use maps and geographical data), board member of OpenStreetMap Belgium, and coach for the “STIB-MIVB” and “Brussels Mobility” projects during open Summer of code 2018.   First of all, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact Google Maps is a […]

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Women of oSoc

Skills Matter, Gender Doesn’t

Skills Matter, Gender Doesn’t We heard it so many times: “tech is for guys only”. At Open Summer of Code we want to break this old stereotype and show that women in tech are just as powerful as men. At Open Summer, we already see drastic changes compared to the last year: the group of […]

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Maggie de Block listens to the plans of project Prisma.

A Blazing Start for Prisma

A Blazing Start for Prisma I’m Thor Galle, student coach and front-end developer at the Prisma team. is a service for care homes and families that connects the stories of the care home residents with the staff. This makes it possible for them to offer a more personalised care. Like me and some other projects, […]

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Is it FRIS in here or is it just me?

Is it FRIS in here or is it just me? I’m Nadia El Bakkali, communications manager in both team FRIS and team Snipstory. And I love being the only one posing in random pictures (proof is below). Although the Red Devils made a phenomenal comeback against Japan, my first day at #oSoc18 was definitely the highlight […]

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one big happy family

oSoc’s back, alright!

oSoc’s back, alright! My second year of oSoc has started and I could not be more excited! To give you an idea of who I am and what oSoc17 meant to me: these are my first and my last post of last year! The first day of oSoc18 is in full swing and seeing all those fresh-faced participants inspired me to write […]

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team 1 and 2 with coaches and dries

Bike for Brussels app and OSM data teams’ last day!

Hello everyone! We’re actually two teams working towards one common goal: Bike for Brussels. To ensure that the woes of cyclists in Brussels, who contend with motorists, trams, buses, and annoying traffic light intersections, are eased, imperative for them would be accurate and contextual travel information. This information must be presented nicely enough so people […]

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And now, the end is near

And now, the end is near The last day of oSoc17 has arrived and I believe I speak for everyone when I say those four weeks went by so quickly. This was an incredibly positive experience for me and I will tell you why.   Wait, they trust me? I’ve heard other people say this […]

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To blockchain or not to blockchain

This post is a personal opinion of the writer. It does not reflect the ideas of Open Knowledge nor Open Summer of Code on the subject. To blockchain or not to blockchain Our team was asked to look into the idea of storing some data on the blockchain. Storing data about a transaction on the blockchain […]

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No children were harmed in this user test

No children were harmed in this user test After two busy weeks it is time for our first user test. Our project is called Snipstory: an interactive web application where children can discover history through personal stories. Since our target audience is primary school children, finding users during the holidays was a challenge. Luckily our client Sofie […]

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Efficient spacial indexing with R-trees

Efficient spacial indexing with R-trees We’re halfway through oSoc right now, and we’ve made quite a bit of progress already. For those of you who aren’t already familiar with the #LopenInGent project, it’s about generating customizable, dynamic and interesting running routes through the city of Ghent. Our first problem was creating an accessible and single […]

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